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Alusani Skills & Training Network

Who We Are

At Alusani Skills & Training Network we have a proven track record in researching skills gaps and creating short courses with real-world application. Since September 2006, more than 6000 public and private sector professionals have benefited from our practical courses, delivered by renowned industry experts who are all leaders in their fields.

Services We Offer

We offer over 150 courses in 19 different subject areas. Covering a wide variety of specialised subjects, from finance to construction law, leadership to industrial maintenance, Alusani Skills & Training Network can deliver on any training need you have through public course participation or onsite training solutions.

We Offer Courses in the Following Subject Areas:

• Business Writing & Presentation Skills
• Communication & Interpersonal Skills
• Computer & IT Skills
• Construction Management
• Debtors & Creditors
• Employee Health & Wellness
• Environmental
• Finance & Accounting
• Government & Public Sector
• Human Resources & Training
• Leadership & Management Development Essentials
• Legal & Compliance Related Topics
• Maintenance and Engineering
• Marketing, Media & Sales
• Office, Admin & Secretarial Support
• Procurement & Supply Chain
• Project Management
• Supervisory & Team Management Essentials
• Women in Business

What Makes Us Different? We Offer 12 months of Post Course Support ABSOLUTELY FREE!

We realise that all of our training courses cover vast subject areas, and inevitably questions will arise after the training course. The typical post-course experience involves Course Participants returning to the workplace stressed by the missed work time and faced with emails overflowing in their inbox. The course manual often gets put on the shelf and rarely gets opened again. In order to really help with the transition and implementation of the course learnings, Alusani Skills & Training Network offers 12 months of post-course support.

Contact Details
PO Box 2844
+27 (0)11 447 7470

Giving Back

Being a 100% woman-owned company with a staff compliment predominately of hard working mothers, we decided that a not for profit organisation which focused on the needs of children would be the most appropriate.

We decided that in order for our investment to make a meaningful difference in the lives of underprivileged children we needed to choose an organisation that had a clearly defined goal but that also had achieved some measurable results.

Using this set of criteria it was then easy to make the final decision and this is how we decided on The Keiskamma Trust which is a truly unique South African not-for-profit organisation.

Dedicated to the holistic care of the communities that live in the area alongside the Keiskamma River, they combine health, art, music and educational initiatives in order to fight against poverty and HIV/AIDS. We are proud to have been able to assist them to make a difference (even a small one) in the lives of the most vulnerable.

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BEE Status: Level Four Contributor

Our BEE Certificate can be viewed on our website

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Press Room

Dealing With Difficult Employee Behaviour At Work

10 Oct 2012

How do you stop tears, anger and inappropriate emotional outbursts in the workplace? The Assertive Communication Skills for Women course presented by HR specialist Lizanne de Jong will teach you to formulate assertive responses to a variety of difficult business situations.

How Do You Build Effective Teams That Work?

25 Jun 2012

Good management is often the missing ingredient in inefficient teams. Are you battling to create a cohesive workforce? Industrial psychologist Lizanne de Jong talks about the building blocks of effective teams.

July and August courses

19 Jun 2012

Yikes, we are almost into the 3rd quarter of the year - don't forget to book your training!

In negotiation there is a fine line between working toward a state of mutual gain and trying to please everyone

4 Jun 2012

In negotiation there is a fine line between working toward a state of mutual gain and trying to please everyone. If you need to participate in the negotiation process there are a few things you should know first, including your own negotiation style and the challenges and strengths associated with it.

Our Upcoming July Training Courses

4 Jun 2012

As you already know Alusani Skills & Training Network offers a wide range of courses, covering a broad range of subject areas. We continue to beat our competition by constantly developing new courses as well as updating some of our best sellers to provide even more value for your training Rand.

With our expert Course Leaders who specialise in their respective topic areas as well as the 12 months of free Post Course Support that we offer to every Course Participant on every training course our training courses can quite simply make the difference to your career.


A Technical Report that Speaks to its Reader is Worth its Weight in Gold

22 May 2012

Why are technical reports important? According to linguistics specialist Elaine Matchett, "when all the work is done the report is all that remains". She lists the five common elements of a technical report and how they should be used by the writer to clarify information for the benefit of the reader.

Early bird of R2000 is about to expire for our June 2012 training courses!

15 May 2012

Our training courses continue to sell-out and there are many reasons why

Tapping into effective management

17 Apr 2012

Whether you have been promoted within the organisation or have walked into an entirely new management position, making a good first impression is always challenging. Lizanne de Jong talks about how to establish yourself as a credible and fair manager from the word go.

Bringing back the preposition

17 Apr 2012

With the invention of social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, formal business writing has taken a back seat. Alusani Skills and Training Network aims to put the professional back in business communication through their latest Business English course.

The DIY Manual For Crucial Conversations In The Workplace

14 Mar 2012

Wouldn't it be nice if you could hire someone to communicate your expectations to employees, to have those awkward conversations in your place? Sort of like a conversational plumber who could do all the dirty work, leaving you free to step in once the problem has been ‘fixed'. Now you can find out how the professionals do it and tackle those crucial conversations yourself.

Manage your way to success

9 Feb 2012

While a number of managers have the technical expertise required to perform their tasks many of them neglect the human element of their function. This is one of the greatest barriers to improving workplace performance. HR expert Lizanne de Jong sheds light on this and other management blunders as well as good practices for managing teams during the Improving Workplace Performance training course which is taking place on the 29th & 30th March 2012 in Johannesburg.

Accurate HR records could save your business money!

9 Feb 2012

While maintaining employee records is considered to be one of the more tedious tasks for HR practitioners, it is in the best interest of the organisation to possess a sound record-keeping system, says HR consultant Sharon Lefkowitz.

Women in leadership: Against all odds

5 Dec 2011

Shocking statistics reveal that women are still getting the short end of the stick in the workplace. A more assertive approach is needed if women hope to change their fate in society according to Lizanne De Jong, course leader of the Management & Leadership Development for Women workshop hosted by Alusani Skills & Training Network.

Chuck the digital marketing rulebook

22 Nov 2011

Marketing your brand online and communicating with stakeholders via the internet is a process that is becoming the norm as customers move away from traditional media to online channels. Marketing specialist Mike Sharman talks about how to market your business to a tech savvy client base.

The Heart and Mind of a Great Manager

9 Nov 2011

New managers are battling to cope with the immense responsibility of leading and inspiring employees due to a lack of training and experience. Management coach Lizanne de Jong shares her tips on how to become a respected and trusted manager at the People Management Skills for New Managers short course hosted by Alusani Skills & Training Network.

Training Staff the Right Way

17 Oct 2011

As a training administrator it is impossible to ensure that every training initiative or learning intervention will yield results. Or is it? Training specialist Sharon Lefkowitz shares her insights from the 2 day Effective Training Administration short course hosted by Alusani Skills & Training Network.

Avoid getting lost in translation

29 Sep 2011

Written records have enabled human evolution from the beginning of time and well documented discoveries are no less important today for the continuing advancement of mankind says technical report writing expert Elaine Matchett, who shares her beliefs on the significance of record keeping